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About Sales Tax Recovery Consultants

Sales Tax Recovery Consultants LLC, which has been registered with the State of Texas since 1998, serves ALL of Texas specializing in Predominant Use Studies and the recovery of all sales tax charged to businesses which qualify for refund of past taxes paid as well as an exemption in the future as outlined by the Texas State Comptroller. Our two partners have a combined total of 43 years experience in this field.

We never subcontract out any of our work so we can maintain the quality of work we produce. Our on-staff senior engineer holds a Texas Professional Engineering Certificate. We also have insurance to cover any on site visits to your facility. We would appreciate your consideration in letting us work with your firm. We know you will not be disappointed.

We work with all sizes of businesses directly, whether it’s a small business or corporate office with multiple locations. We will travel to meet your needs and, on occasion, have done out of state trips. In addition we have also worked with Electric Brokers to supply them with studies for their clients even though we do not solicit any change in utility companies.

Our attorneys, accountants, and officers are in constant contact with the Texas State Comptroller's Office so we are aware of any amendments which change the qualifiable items for exemption. A partial lists of clients we work with are:
  • Manufacturers and Processors
  • Assemblers and Machine Shops
  • Fabricators and Production Facilities
  • Printers, Screen Printers and Embroiderers
  • Golf Courses and Country Clubs
  • Restaurants and Caterers
  • Apartments and Retirement Homes
  • Nursing and Assisted Living Homes
  • Non-profit Organizations (certain classifications)
Upon request we will provide references to you based on the type of recovery you are interested in.
Below are a few testimonials from our clients as far as doing business with STRC in the variety of services we provide.

April of George Brothers Fabrication in Midland, Tx writes:
When contacted by Sales tax Recovery Consultants, LLC. about an Energy Use Study to qualify our company for a sales tax exemption on our utility bills, I was skeptical, thinking there were hidden fees and unsure if they would do all that they had promised. Sales Tax Recovery Consultants, LLC. made it effortless for me. I supplied the bills and they did all the leg work. Our company was able to recover what we had paid in sales tax the few years before and now we are sales tax exempt on our natural gas and electricity bills. I would say that they are a very reliable company, easy to work with and would recommend them to any manufacturing business in Texas.

Jonita of D&D Investments in Haskell, Tx writes:
Thank you, McKay for helping us receive sales tax refunds and exemptions on multiple healthcare homes on our natural gas and electric bills. You handled everything in a very professional manner and all we had to do was wait for the check to arrive. We look forward to working with you again in the future on any properties we acquire that need sales tax exemption correction. We appreciate all you have done for us.

Robyn of Gillespie Lumber in Nacogdoches, Tx writes:
Thank you, Mckay, for doing a second predominant Usage Study for us after we switched electric providers. You
made it easy from the engineering study walk through all the way through dealing with the electric company! We
are very pleased with the services that you provided. I am happy to refer other companies to your business.
Again, thanks for another successful job!

Brenda of CCS Printing in Dallas writes:
Sales Tax Recovery Consultants did an outstanding job for us. They were able to get the sales tax removed from our electric bill and they were able to get us a GREAT refund. Thanks for all your hard work,

Lorraine Torres of Dickey's Barbecue (multiple locations) writes:
Thanks for cleaning up all of the outstanding sales tax refunds we had coming on invoices from all our locations. Repairs on our ice cream machines as well as other things like paper to-go items and cooking equipment recovered a substantial amount of money for our company. We were really surprised how many items he found. McKay also took the extra time to teach us some other things that should not be taxed. He also provided us with the proper paper work so tax has not been charged on the previously incorrect items. In addition, they have been a WONDERFUL RESOURCE FOR SALES TAX INFORMATION AND RULE CLARIFICATION AS WE SET UP ADDITIONAL LOCATIONS.

Marcus of Geotex (A veteran Owned And Operated Company) Fort Worth, Texas writes:
I wanted to let you know what a terrific job you did for Geotex and that we really appreciate all your help. Thanks for doing the predominant Usage Studies on our multiple meters.  I really appreciate the timely manner in which you visited our site and did your walk through promptly and efficiently without disturbing our ongoing production. The study was professionally completed and filed and our refund was received shortly thereafter. We look forward to working with you in the future.

There is no charge for consulting with us about any of our services including studies and many types of refund and exemptions. Texas will allow up to a maximum of 4 years back as well as future exemptions. Our fees are very reasonable if you wish to work with us and we can structure it with no financial risk to your firm.
Near Dallas Fort Worth & Serving all of Texas since 1998!

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